Who We Are

On Christmas Eve in 1972 the first Christmas service in German was held in the chaple of Trinity Colleges on Mount Sophia in Singapore. Then as a ecumenical  movement we, the „German speaking Protestant Community“,  today lead a manifold church life in Singapore with close ties to the Catholic  Community in the city. We hold services and offer religious teaching for children, young adults and adults. We are there for people in need. We consult and accompany people during festive events like baptism, confirmation and marriage ceremonies. Likewise, we offer consolence in case of personal crises or when encountering death and sorrow.

The German speaking Protestant Community in Singapore supports H.O.M.E., an organisation which looks aftermabused maids and work migrants in mourning. Furthermore, we support the children and young adult Home „GraceHeaven“ with our yearly donation at Harvest Festival (Thanksgiving).

We are an independent community which next to support from the Protestant Church in Germany largely has to find own ways in order to be able to finance our community work and personnel costs. We therefore are dependent on financial engagements of our community members, friends and donators as well as personal gifts and capabilities. We are thankful for your membership which makes it possible for our Christian belief to be seen and felt.

On the page > ”Mitglied werden“ you will find information on membership and donating possibilties. Our constitution you can download > here.

Our information channels  are:

Community Newsletter
It is comes out five times a year, is sent to interested households and is displayed in German institutions in Singapore. You can also subscribe to it and have it sent to you by post or you can download it. Entry into in the mailing list and/or download > here

We send out a weekly newsletter for current affairs. Sign up > here. Please supply full name and address.

Here we inform you up-to-date about our events and share good thoughts  and church news from around the world. Follow and like us > Facebook

Contact us, we are looking forward to meet you!
Your pastor Daniel Happel